Focus on what you're good at, let us take care of the rest.

Many people dream of having their own restaurant, but some enter the field without knowing the business. Most people who are or was in the business, are all saying that it takes hard work.

Great POS & Cash Register System

You want the right system from the beginning, but you can’t afford it. Don’t worry! We provide an up-to-date POS system with many functions to suit your business. You can also use your current PC or Tablet without having to a buy new one.

Marketing Done Right

How do you promote your own business to your potential customers? On our website, people around Thailand can search for quality restaurants in their area. Get into our top restaurants and earn more money with our deal site! We also offer a free magazine about food and traveling to tourists around the country, including a city map for tourist in each province.

Highly Trained Staff

We know the most challenging part when opening a restaurant, is providing proper training for your staff. We'll help you and your employees for a better understanding of how to manage everything. We supply the right training and guidance and you'll get improved service and hygiene.

Making the Right Deals & Offers

You won’t have to worry about giving the right discounts anymore, because we will do it for you. We will make sure you get customers, without you losing money on the offers.

Beautiful Photography & Videography

We'll provide you with stunning content for your menu card, signs or social media pages. Our team also make astonishing promo videos to advertise your restaurant.

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Raw Materials

We are selecting suppliers with the best quality and value for money for your restaurant. You don't have to worry about finding the best prices on the market, we will handle this for you as well.

Branded Water Bottles

No storage or big investment needed. You will have your own water bottles with your brand on them, to make the experience more unique for your customers.

24 Hours Consultation

We believe best friends are people who truly care about you. And we care! We wanna help you succeed with your business. You can call us anymore and receive quality support with any questions you might have.

Expand Your Business: Franchise

We provide you with business gurus in the restaurant field to help you expand your business into a franchise.

And Other Benefits

We won’t stop helping you achieving your goals! We've gotta more benefits coming!